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Shandong Dahai Group was founded in 1988, with a registered capital of 284.82 million Yuan. Dahai is not only a central-owned enterprise, but also a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group with cross-industry, cross-regional and international operations, which is dominated by circular economy industries such as new energy, new materials, auto parts, textiles, chemicals and international trade. Dahai has successively won the honorary titles of National Advanced Export Enterprise, China Advanced Quality Unit, National Key Brand Enterprise of Private Enterprises, National Honest and Law-abiding Enterprise, National Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration Base, China Famous Trademark and China Famous Brand Product.

Dahai Textile owns 100,000 spindles of high-end spinning and 370 sets of high-end wide air-jet looms, mainly engaged in high-end high-count compact spinning and high-end clothing fabrics, and is a global textile supplier. Dahai Photovoltaic has a high-efficiency solar cell module production capacity of 5GW and a 100% automatic module production line. Dahai Photovoltaic is mainly engaged in high-efficiency solar cell modules. By designing, manufacturing and providing efficient and economical ground crystal solar photovoltaic modules, Dahai provides customers with the most outstanding photovoltaic products, system solutions and related services. Meikawheel has an annual production capacity of 360,000 pieces and is mainly engaged in forging aluminum alloy brake drums, drive shafts and other wheels. Meikawheel,a well-known R&D, design and production base for lightweight automobiles in China,its comprehensive production capacity has been shortlisted as the first phalanx throughout the country . With an annual output of 60,000 tons of various steel cords, Tenggang Curtain is a professional manufacturer of tire skeleton materials integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Dahai Copper Wire produces and processes 80,000 tons of oxygen-free copper rods and wires annually. In 2008, the group achieved an international trade volume of 5 billion yuan. Donghai Financial Leasing Company, a foreign-invested financial leasing company in Dongying, was listed on the New Third Board in December 2015. Tianye Company owns more than 16,000 mu of green ecological forest farm. It is a modern forestry company that integrates afforestation, nursery stock cultivation, nursery stock planting, nursery stock management and protection and development of undergrowth economy. Ying Construction Company has the third-class qualification of general contracting of construction engineering, and its business scope includes the leasing of construction machinery and equipment, sales of building materials, wholesale of labor insurance products, engineering consulting, various engineering construction activities and other engineering-related activities. "Dahai Brand" series products cover more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Chile, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. with the advantages of high-end, good quality and complete specifications.

To adapt to the new normal, build a new model and show new actions, the group company will adhere to the development strategy of top-level design, model innovation, structural adjustment, market operation and cultural support, strengthen scientific and technological research and development and independent innovationin the future development.And on the basis of upgrading the technical equipment level and industrial upgrading of advantageous industries such as new energy and new materials, speed up the transformation to digital enterprise design, intelligent equipment, automatic production and network management mode, realize the deep integration of enterprise industrialization and informatization, continuously enhance the innovative development and sustainable development ability of enterprises, and make enterprises even more successful.




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